Walter Alice Store was founded by me (Shontelle Coley) in June 2015 and was originally a pre-loved clothing consignment store.
Selling clothes on consignment was such a great start as there was no initial investment in stock, however there was a lot of admin for not a lot of return, and after around a year I starting importing Vintage clothing from the UK.
Our first UK Vintage photo Shoot with Georgia
This was a real game changer, I felt I had found my niche, my customers were awesome and loyal, the photo shoots were so much fun.  Howeveras a small fry it was getting so expensive to order the minimum purchase orders in bulk from the vintage wholesalers in London.

In September 2017 I thought I would test the waters with a few furniture items.  Restoring furniture was a love of mine, I frequently found old pieces to do up for my home.  My first idea for Walter Alice was restoring furniture but I didnt go ahead with it first... so I thought I would swap out the clothing and try out selling furniture.  Each one sold instantly!  I was inspired!
I have always preferred to choose pre-loved over new with most things and I like to support sustainability almost by default as it's my way of life. 
My eagle eye while Op Shopping spots items that could be transformed.

Once items started selling and word got out, commission work started to flood in, I now have a steady flow of restoring and reupholstering for others in the small village of Eastbourne and the Lower Hutt/Wellington region. 
I now find I can do most things and my skills are improving by the day. 
Just don't ask me to do another couch just yet.

The store is actually named after my great Grandparents Walter and Alice... remembering them well and their tiny house filled with what would now be amazing vintage, a real treasure trove.

Also much loved visits to my Aunty Janis's beautiful big old vintage-filled villa in Te Puke have inspired me to surround myself with bits of history and things that have untold stories.
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I have many years’ experience working in hospitality, travel, fashion retail and office/customer service management.  I certainly know what good quality and good customer service looks like, and I also know what not to do. 

Shontelle Coley - Walter Alice Store
Get in touch if you are thinking about throwing that old chair out - I will have other ideas!

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Reuse and Choose pre-loved for style that literally doesn't cost the earth.

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