• Why Working From Home Can Actually Suck

    Yeah yeah I know, I'm so lucky and all that, owning my own business, working from home, I can do whatever I want whenever I want.  Well, Whatever.  Today I am over it... and yes there are a few reasons why working can home can be amazing too, but I'm not feeling that right now, so lets do that blog post another time... I'm on a role here, and today it sucks...
    Don't get me wrong, I am grateful!  I live and work right on the beach.  I really should be starting my day off with regular walks or a spot of yoga, coming home to make an Instagram-worthy coffee (or a healthy well being smoothie - yeah right) and then heading out to my workshop to tinker all day with old furniture.  Well it doesn't quite work out like that.
    I am not going to give you a run down of my day, so don't worry, we aren't getting that deep, I don't really know you that well, and everything I am about to say you may not agree with.  You may wish you weren't stuck in your 9 to 5, well I am ready to switch places and here is why.... 
    (Yes this all may be trivial, and I will get over it, but just let me have my little rant, I will feel better for it)...

    11 Reasons why working from home can suck...
    1. NO STRUCTURE:  There is no structure in my day.  None!  There are things that I have to do and things I should do, but there is no routine whatsoever, I could make one but I don't.  I want that get-into-the-office and get stuck in routine.
    2. BAD HAIR and WORSE WARDROBE: What wardrobe?  I actually have nothing that doesn't have paint or glue on it, if you are going to invite me out please let it be a dark cinema.  And hair!  I so miss my semi regular trips to the salon, now I just cut my own fringe and embrace the natural mouse ombre colour I am.
    3. NEVER A PAYDAY:  Oh payday, what a fab feeling that used to be, getting paid and spending it all on one day, what fun... 
    4. SO MANY SCHOOL TRIPS: I always have to respond to the final calls for parent help from the teachers for school trips, because everyone knows I work from home, I am that parent that is on every school trip... don't even think about messaging me wishing you could be that parent, I will happily swap you your regular salary for my 50 school trips.
    5. NO ACCOUNTABILITY:  I miss sneaking past the bosses office to jump in the lift to go and get a quick coffee, there was some excitement in that... now I can walk out for a coffee and not come back all day, and no one cares!.  
    6. NO GIRLTALK: The good old office banter, now I just laugh out loud to myself.  Sometimes I try to call a friend but quickly hang up as I realise I just wanted to show someone how this fabric looks in the light or see how cute my cat looks. But I really don't want to organise a coffee date or a catch up, because... well back to number two - I have nothing to wear, my hair is a mess, I have forgotten how to use mascara.  And when I do catch up with friends I can't shut up due to the excitement of seeing a real person other than the kids after school. 
    So I post it on Instagram instead...and then get lost in my feed... for an hour!  Because there is no ACCOUNTABILITY!
    7. TOO MUCH HOUSEWORK:  Ugh, this is the WORST!  the other day I thought I would clean out the cutlery draw while making a coffee, this resulted in me accidentally pulling the cutlery drawer right out onto the floor, which resulted in a spoon going under the fridge, which resulted in me cleaning under the fridge, and inside the fridge, then all the cupboards, I never got that dam coffee!
    8. ON TAP SOCIAL MEDIA:  A total time wasting, #FOMO inducing trap.  I want to just scroll through Pinterest from now on... Oh look... pretty...
    9. NO MORE WORK FUNCTIONS:  Fun work functions!  All day conferences and training days, hell I even miss meetings!  I would take a meeting about a meeting, right now.
    Me - having a great time at an actual work function pre work-at-home days.
    10. NEVER BEING HUNGRY:  Sounds weird, but I don't like having free range of the kitchen, I am not getting any skinnier here people, who ate all the gingernuts!
    11. THAT FRIDAY FEELING: What?  What day is it? Oh, lucky you, a change of scenery for two days, I'm going to Mitre 10.
    I think I had better stop here, I haven't even reached the biz side of things and not having an accounts or IT department... Or just some petty cash...
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    • Nick says...

      Same boat. i think the trick is to impose your own structure. Things you have to achieve, hours of work, days of work. Then you feel you deserve a proper weekend – or sneaky day off during the week. Yeah, the old dress code tends to slip. I too tend to be covered in paint and glue most days. But every so often, get snazzed up for the school run. Or hit the cafe and pretend you’re a grown up. The housework and DIY chores DO seem endless and thankless. I struggle during winter – which seems to last for roughly 11 months, but when the sun comes out, and you’re sitting next to the water with that light sea breeze wafting around, it’s better than dying under fluorescent lights for sure.

      April 13, 2019

    • Fiona says...

      Sending hugs, I look forward to the summer when the sun is out and you will feel happier and write that why working from home is fantastic!

      August 17, 2018

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