• Why Working From Home Can Actually Suck

    Yeah yeah I know, I'm so lucky and all that, owning my own business, working from home, I can do whatever I want whenever I want.  Well, Whatever.  Today I am over it... and yes there are a few reasons why working can home can be amazing too, but I'm not feeling that right now, so lets do that blog post another time... I'm on a role here, and today it sucks...
    Don't get me wrong, I am grateful!  I live and work right on the beach.  I really should be starting my day off with regular walks or a spot of yoga, coming home to make an Instagram-worthy coffee (or a healthy well being smoothie - yeah right) and then heading out to my workshop to tinker all day with old furniture.  Well it doesn't quite work out like that.
    I am not going to give you a run down of my day, so don't worry, we aren't getting that deep, I don't really know you that well, and everything I am about to say you may not agree with.  You may wish you weren't stuck in your 9 to 5, well I am ready to switch places and here is why.... 
    (Yes this all may be trivial, and I will get over it, but just let me have my little rant, I will feel better for it)...

    11 Reasons why working from home can suck...
    1. NO STRUCTURE:  There is no structure in my day.  None!  There are things that I have to do and things I should do, but there is no routine whatsoever, I could make one but I don't.  I want that get-into-the-office and get stuck in routine.
    2. BAD HAIR and WORSE WARDROBE: What wardrobe?  I actually have nothing that doesn't have paint or glue on it, if you are going to invite me out please let it be a dark cinema.  And hair!  I so miss my semi regular trips to the salon, now I just cut my own fringe and embrace the natural mouse ombre colour I am.
    3. NEVER A PAYDAY:  Oh payday, what a fab feeling that used to be, getting paid and spending it all on one day, what fun... 
    4. SO MANY SCHOOL TRIPS: I always have to respond to the final calls for parent help from the teachers for school trips, because everyone knows I work from home, I am that parent that is on every school trip... don't even think about messaging me wishing you could be that parent, I will happily swap you your regular salary for my 50 school trips.
    5. NO ACCOUNTABILITY:  I miss sneaking past the bosses office to jump in the lift to go and get a quick coffee, there was some excitement in that... now I can walk out for a coffee and not come back all day, and no one cares!.  
    6. NO GIRLTALK: The good old office banter, now I just laugh out loud to myself.  Sometimes I try to call a friend but quickly hang up as I realise I just wanted to show someone how this fabric looks in the light or see how cute my cat looks. But I really don't want to organise a coffee date or a catch up, because... well back to number two - I have nothing to wear, my hair is a mess, I have forgotten how to use mascara.  And when I do catch up with friends I can't shut up due to the excitement of seeing a real person other than the kids after school. 
    So I post it on Instagram instead...and then get lost in my feed... for an hour!  Because there is no ACCOUNTABILITY!
    7. TOO MUCH HOUSEWORK:  Ugh, this is the WORST!  the other day I thought I would clean out the cutlery draw while making a coffee, this resulted in me accidentally pulling the cutlery drawer right out onto the floor, which resulted in a spoon going under the fridge, which resulted in me cleaning under the fridge, and inside the fridge, then all the cupboards, I never got that dam coffee!
    8. ON TAP SOCIAL MEDIA:  A total time wasting, #FOMO inducing trap.  I want to just scroll through Pinterest from now on... Oh look... pretty...
    9. NO MORE WORK FUNCTIONS:  Fun work functions!  All day conferences and training days, hell I even miss meetings!  I would take a meeting about a meeting, right now.
    Me - having a great time at an actual work function pre work-at-home days.
    10. NEVER BEING HUNGRY:  Sounds weird, but I don't like having free range of the kitchen, I am not getting any skinnier here people, who ate all the gingernuts!
    11. THAT FRIDAY FEELING: What?  What day is it? Oh, lucky you, a change of scenery for two days, I'm going to Mitre 10.
    I think I had better stop here, I haven't even reached the biz side of things and not having an accounts or IT department... Or just some petty cash...
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    • Fiona says...

      Sending hugs, I look forward to the summer when the sun is out and you will feel happier and write that why working from home is fantastic!

      August 17, 2018

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