• Where's All the Vintage??

    Where's all the Vintage you may be asking?  If you are new to Walter Alice you might wonder what I am talking about. 
    For the last 2 years Walter Alice Store has gone from selling preloved clothing on Consignment to Importing Vintage and now to Restoring furniture.
    Why the big change?
    When I first started thinking about starting my own business, the first idea was to restore furniture, I knew how to do it, I absolutely love doing it... but the fear and anxiety of not being good enough got in the way... what if my work wasn't good enough?  What if people didn't like my style?... at least with preloved and Vintage clothing it wasn't about my sense of style it was about yours!
    However I have decided to get over myself and take the plunge... while selling vintage was so fun it was getting harder and harder to source the really good stuff as bigger than me companies started buying up large and vintage just got younger and cooler.
    A little look back...
    Since I started Walter Alice back in June 2015 so much has happened!  I read a book that changed my way of thinking and went to London which inspired me to no end...I've cleaned, steamed, photographed and uploaded thousands of items to the website, attended so many markets as a stall holder (never again), ran competitions,  moved house/studio - twice!  And took a million photos!...
    (All the best ones are here on the Walter Alice Instagram)
    I love looking back at how things have changed. 
    There have been a billion and 5 other things all in my personal life and in business... Its incredible what you can fit into two point five years!
    My poor husband Pat and boys have seen me stay up way past midnight finishing things, watch me fluster one minute and brim with excitement the next, they have been such amazing support throughout my journey, especially when I was (and still am) too busy to go to the supermarket or cook dinner - eeek, bad mum alert...  Will I get worse - probably!!
    I want to thank Georgia for being the beautiful face of Walter Alice!!,   Thank you Georgia!  xx
    We have had some great laughs and some great photo shoots!  Remember the gorgeous dresses from my neighbour Rosemarys Closet?
     Click through to view the galleries
    The decision to stop selling preloved on consignment and to start importing Vintage from the UK was the best thing!
    I was so so excited when I got my first delivery from the UK - it was better than I ever hoped for and you all went nuts over it!
    (And listened to me go on and on!)
    I gave Lenaire - Personal Stylist some very challenging vintage knitwear from one delivery,  I didn't know what to do with it!   She totally nailed it with the styling and came back and did it again with the next delivery!  - Thank you Lenaire! xx
    What the future holds
    I am excited to give this restoration a go for a living instead of for love... I have always loved doing up bits and pieces I find and I am excited in this change in direction to furniture instead of fashion...
    This will be me, covered in dust everyday....
    I am so grateful to the amazing Tamsyn at @clashnmatch for giving me such a versatile logo which means no change is needed!  Thanks Tamsyn!!
    However!  these were my final two... I love my round one, but maybe possibly I could change to the second one for furniture?  What do you think? 
    Not right now - maybe later!  
    I'm going to be a lot quieter...
    Updates to the website will be only when I finish a piece of furniture, there will be so much less computer time!, emails will be less frequent as I spend more time hands on restoring.
    But please do keep following me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest!
    Theres still so much to do behind the scenes, there are lots of places Walter Alice is listed as clothing - so next rainy day is a big sort out of all that stuff!
    Final MASSIVE Thanks!
    I want to thank all my amazing loyal returnee customers - you know who you are!  these gorgeous woman kept coming back and have been my main supporters for the last two years... I know you will carry on being extremely styley without buying clothes from Walter Alice and I want to thank you ALL for your amazing support!!
    (not my actual customers but the coolest girl squad I could find)
    Shontelle Xx
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