• Wardrobe Overwhelm? Thank God - HELP is HERE!!

    Is your wardrobe a complete mess and you think you never have anything to wear?
    Or are you totally Clueless when it comes to Wardrobe sorting?

    Of course this is a 90's still from the Movie "Clueless!"

    The absolutely gorgeous Monique Doy from Dressing Up has come up with an amazing action plan that will really help you to organise your wardrobe like a pro!
     Never say ‘I have nothing to wear!’ again. Gain confidence in your body and your personal style. Get the Wardrobe you want for the budget you have AND look at the clothes you already own in a whole new way!

    I sorted my wardrobe with the help of an e-book about 6 months ago and my wardrobe is STILL organised!  I've saved so much money by using what I already have...  that's got to be good for the environment too right?!

    It helped immensely having a resource as fab as this to go by. 
    And this Dressing Up Style Workbook is the one to buy!

    Monique is such a cool girl!  she really has helped me with some invaluable advice with my business. She most definitely knows what she is talking about!  

    I have read the whole thing and I have tweaked my wardrobe even more... I just know it will totally inspire you get into that wardrobe of yours and you will see how easy it is to make it work.

    I actually can't believe how much info and how many great tips you get for only $20!! (until 17/02/2017) and if your wardrobe is just too overwhelming Monique will actually come and do it with you!

    (See here for more details on the "Wardrobe Edit"!).

    Go for it! Just do it! I would LOVE to know if you are up for this challenge!!
    And of course there is always room for one more Vintage Dress from Walter Alice Store!

    Shontelle Xx

    "I have direction!"  "Yeah, towards the mall" - Clueless

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