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    You may have already seen all the vintage dress excitement, as I have been going on a bit;  Especially If you follow me on Facebook/Instagram!


    But Oh how I LOVE a good find and when I do find something so fabulous of course you are going to hear all about it!  This Story has all the vintage feels...
    I came across unbelievable gold at a lunch date last month with an old neighbour of mine (old meaning a previous neighbour, she is 80 years young!).

    The gorgeous Rosemary lives with her awesome husband Walter in Fairfield Lower Hutt and I just adore going to visit them.  We have a lovely sit down lunch with a glass of wine, talk gardens, the weather and news on their latest ten pin bowling road trips.  
    There is also always a wonderful story from their fun filled past.  
    This time Rosemary pulled out all these absolutely perfect vintage dresses from her closet, I couldn't believe my eyes!  They had been in hiding for decades and looked like they could have been made yesterday!

    I recently decided they needed much more attention than been photographed on a mannequin so I contacted Georgia last minute to see if she was free to model for the afternoon and we created this beautiful mini vintage lookbook.

    Ninja our cat should also get a mention as he was trying to be in every photo!

    Rosemary, Georgia and I were all Neighbours up until March this year when I reluctantly left the street, maybe I should have called this the Junction Street project!, - (totally just renamed this blog post).

    Unfortunately some of the dresses were sold or were on trial before I could put them on show, but with what we had, this is what we did, I hope you love it as much as I do!  I will hopefully sell a few dresses for dear old Rosemary and I am so excited for her to see the photos when I see her next, if only they had email!

    Please share this with a friend who may appreciate the beauty in them.

    Click through to see the full lookbook!

    All dresses are for sale if not sold already on behalf of Rosemary... 
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