• My Little Restoration Workshop is Humming (Literally)

    Walter Alice Store Update...
    I am in full swing restoration mode and I now have a buying ban, I am not allowed to go near any op shops, garage sales, buy and sell pages or Trademe!  Just yesterday I went to pick up my new Tretchikoft vintage mirror (Ai Know!!) That I bought off Trademe and the gorgeous woman in her beautiful home (my dream house in Petone) said to me - oh you are the furniture lady, and just gave me a little antique stool!  Of course I had to take it!
    Full House!
    My little studio workshop at the end of the garden is FULL of furniture to restore!   I actually have to pull everything out onto the lawn before I can start work each day!  
    The work is humming along quite nicely when I am not at Mitre10 Mega, but the workshop also literally "hums"... I thought that some type of animal has decided to crawl underneath and take its forever nap, which is not pleasant on the nose...  I will be happily working away when all of a sudden I get a whiff of something naaaaasty!   HOWEVER the smell is actually coming from Penguins living under my studio! 
    Thankfully the weather here in Wellington has been so amazing (touch wood - haha - I have plenty of it!) so thank goodness I am able to work outside.
    What is this?  I thought you sold clothes!
    If you aren't up to date with what I have been up to, here is the link to my last blog post about why I am no longer selling Vintage Clothing.
    Constantly SOLD OUT!
    I have been so blown away by every single furniture item I have restored selling, some within minutes of posting on social media!  I can't work fast enough as items sometimes take weeks to complete with having to wait for stripper/putty/glue/paint drying times, so items for sale are few and far between! 
    Take a peek here at what I have been up to in my Before and After Gallery

    Restored vintage white cane chair
    Media Mentions!
    I was so chuffed to see my little "scavenging" Instagram post was featured in Stuff's Interior Inspiration Of The Week!  That was such a buzz for me!
    Even my amazing retro vacuum was gifted to me when I went to pick up a table!
    The Axminster carpet was definitely a dream score! 

    Axminster garden bloom carpet

    Right, better get back to it, lots to do!  I have little to no computer time anymore and was waiting for the next rainy day to do this update but it looks like that's not going to happen anytime soon - woohoo summer!!

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