• Let's Normalise Vintage Clothing For a Moment

    I know that secondhand or Vintage just isn't everyone's cup of tea.
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    I remember telling someone about my business when it was just in the idea phase and she literally shuddered, she couldn't think of anything worse than wearing someone else's unwanted clothing.  
    And just recently at a gorgeous Vintage homeware store in Martinborough a good friend said "my mum would just die if she saw me in here"... it made me laugh, but it also made me more determined to "normalise" preloved and Vintage.   To get more people used to the idea that its so good in so many ways, not just on your bank balance, but for the planet too.
    There are so many of you that do think of a certain "type" when it comes to secondhand or Vintage wearers.    BUT... think about how many times you have come across someone that has a great dress on, only to be told it was from the local op shop, trademe or a pre-loved website; you almost guffaw with replies... "no it wasn't!"  "really!!" or "wow what a find!"... the truth is its actually not that surprising.

    I refused to go into a local op shop for well over a year as it was actually disgusting... So I can understand some reluctance to embrace it... I decided to go back in again last month and was pleasantly surprised how it had changed.  That's the thing, a simple staff change can actually affect the whole feel of a shop, it was cleaner, easier to navigate and a much more pleasant experience!

    If you have been in to an op shop and thought "Ewwww, op shopping is not for me".  Try another one... some stores are so beautifully set out you wouldn't even know it was a second hand store!  #SHOPGOALS

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    I update my wardrobe by coming across items by chance in preloved stores... if I have to go and shop for a new dress for a special event I really just cant deal!   Its not very often I will pay full retail for something, and if I do it has to be a desperate attempt at trying to find something to wear to a last minute event that night!
    I only buy things in excellent condition and I absolutely freak out when I find a beautiful Vintage item that fits me well!!   I love Vintage but I only have a few selected pieces as good condition vintage (that fits!) is so hard to come by.

    That's why I was so so happy to be able to bring you exceptional Vintage from a supplier in London that sources it from all around the world!  I found it so hard to find good quality vintage that wasn't costume like, for normal girls... like me, and now I have found it!
    New Vintage Arrivals to Walter Alice Store
    Walter Alice Store Vintage Arrivals From London

    I love this Vogue article... How to shop like London's coolest girl squad... it could have been just a one line article - Avoid Oxford Street at all costs!  Haha, love it...

    If you think vintage is only for the cool kids, hipsters and beautiful pin up Rockabilly girls... well  think again, it's so not!  You know the cute type that proudly wears head to toe Vintage every day?

    hipster girl
    I adore that style but I couldn't pull it off on a daily basis... it just doesn't suit my personality or my body type, but that doesn't mean I can't add a gorgeous Vintage cardi to my t shirt and Jeans or wear a pretty Vintage Dress over a t shirt with my Jandals!  
    Wearing Vintage doesn't have to be all or nothing.

    Class it...
    Vintage, Retro, 90's Grunge... there are so many different  styles and "era's".  Its so easy to get it wrong...  I loosely use the word "Vintage" for Walter Alice Store, and supposedly anything older than 20 years old can be classed as Vintage, which means anything before 1997!
    I am however more likely to sell early 1990's items than late 1990's...

    Photo: Pinterest, 90's, but could easily be me - this is my style.

    There are some real true hard core Vintage lovers who would argue that the 90's are not Vintage, and I absolutely get it... But what is the difference between someone today buying "Vintage" 97 to someone in 97 buying "Vintage" 77?  We would still be having this discussion!
    Here's what seems to be the guide to Vintage:
    Pre 1920s is Antique
    1920s - 60's is true Vintage
    1970's and 80's have been classed as Retro
    But...this is the  definition of retro: "imitative of a style or fashion from the recent past"...
    Lets not get caught up in the technicalities.

    1920's, 1940's, 1960's
    1970's, 1980's, 1990's
    I also love this article by Emily Darling for the Huffington Post (It actually inspired this blog post), its all about how to wear vintage clothing without looking like you are wearing a costume...
     Are you the type that Macklemore sings about "Passin' up on those moccasins someone else's been walkin' in" ... Or are you now willing to add a bit of Vintage Love to your styling?
    That shirt’s hella dough, and having the same one as six other people in this club is a hella don’t - Macklemore And Ryan Lewis, Thrift Shopping

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