• How To Change The Style Of A Space At Little Or No Cost At All

    You can learn to be extremely thrifty with your interiors, and it can be so satisfying to make a space really different with just a few tweaks.  Its pretty amazing what an op shopping trip and a few $10 cushions from the warehouse can do, but a lot of the time you may be able to change the look of an entire room using what you already have lying around.

    Living in a rental property has its limitations but you can still make it beautiful and quite different without spending much at all,  you may not be able to change the carpet or paint, but what you can do is add layers and textures in the forms of Art, plants, rugs, throws, cushions and change a few accessories around. 

    The makeover of my dining room in our rental cost a whole $8, which was spent on just one Spider Plant for the corner!

    This room feels so much better!

    Changes made:
    1. Rug moved from foyer to under the table.
    2. New Spider plant purchased for 8.00 from The Warehouse.
    3. Shelf display changed up with less of a theme but more cohesive using other items from around the house (and ditching the orange).
    4. A new table display using a fruit bowl from the kitchen, a milk bottle filled with foliage from outside, a beautiful Green Leaves + Geranium Ecoya candle (so lush!) and a simple pinecone.
    5. Artwork swapped out from the lounge.

    With just a few changes the room has a completely different feel to it!


    Clear the Clutter
    Be ruthless, get rid of anything that just looks messy and has been a part of your decor forever.  I had a red and orange theme going for far too long!

    Work with what you already have:
    Start with one room and take a good look at the big items you have first, like the lounge suite or dining table. 
    Remove everything else so you have a blank canvas.  (This is a great time to have a spring clean! - it feels so good!).
    Scour the house looking at other items of furniture or accessories that could work in the room also... like a lamp or a set of shelves.   
    A set of drawers may not always just belong in a bedroom, they could be used as a display cabinet or for linen in the hallway. 
    If you think outside the box suddenly an old TV cabinet can become much needed bench space in the kitchen with added storage.

    I picked this TV cabinet up from the local Facebook buy and sell page for $10, gave it a paint and it became an invaluable piece for the kitchen.
    Create an Urban Jungle
    Plants - lots of them!  Ask for cuttings from friends, buy pots from Op Shops or plant them in old plastic coke bottles and pop them in vessels you may already have.
    Left:Plant stand gifted
    Right: Kmart Woven Holder $5, Op Shop Basket $4, Handmade (by me) Flax Kete.
    Left: Coke bottle inside an Op Shop jug $8
    Right: Op Shop beautiful old big mug/bowl $5

    If you don't have much of a green thumb just make a bit of an effort to read the instructions that come with new plants (if buying).  Its a good idea to get to know them, some plants need to be moved around to different spots during the year to keep them healthy and happy.
    A good number of house plants actually purify the air!  Not only do they look good but they are healthy to have around. 

    Instant Foliage Fix
    If you want an instant foliage fix, get some cuttings from the garden, its amazing what you can find if you just look, it can be just sticks with leaves, or buds, anything green put them in an old milk bottle, make it big! 

    Left: Foraged from a friends garden, Right: Foraged from the beach

    Get some inspo from Magazines, Pinterest, or my favourite Instagram...

    Amazing plant interior inspo from @seafaringsally.plants
    Alternatives to Op Shopping 
    Hey, its not for everyone and if you don't fancy going to thrift stores or if you don't have time there are plenty of others that LOVE it and will find things for you. Hannah at @craftykin_shop has an amazing eye and there are always great finds on her Instagram shop.
    This breadbin and pencil drawing were both bought from @craftykin_shop  the frame was bought from an op shop and painted.

    Garage Sales & Auctions
    Its definitely not news that I love Op Shopping!  My Aunt who is an antique queen just can't believe I don't do the Wellington garage sales! I know I should but I find them incredibly awkward.  She keeps telling me that Garage Saleing is where the gold is!  One day I will try again!  But if this doesn't scare you then get the Friday paper and make a Saturday morning of it.
    Auctions can be so much fun too, but I have an arm that won't stay down!  So much vintage goodness!
    (last time I went to an auction!)

    Trademe is a great place to pick up a bargain, or the local Facebook buy and sell page (be careful with The FB Marketplace, seems to be a few scammers there).

    Bold Or Beige
    I have never owned a black, grey or beige piece of furniture, same goes for handbag colours (don't know why I think it's related, but interesting?).  I don't think I ever will either. 
    A lot of interior experts will recommend sticking to neutral colours for big items such a sofas, and that is great advice, however a green velvet sofa creates a wonderful blank canvas just as much as a neutral tone does...
    You can change the cushions and throws more often than you may think, and there is an endless supply of art and botanical accessorising that just works.
    My sofa (one of the only items in my house not thrifted!)

    Beautiful coloured Sofa Inspiration from @dkrenewal

    If you don't have Instagram you could be missing out on infinite inspiration. 

    Have an empty corner? This is a gorgeous idea by @alysestudios and that bedroom!

     You can follow hashtags on Instagram now which totally transforms your feed into beautiful pictures that were seemingly taken just for your eyes!
    Quick Fix
    Some tweaking and changing around may only take a few minutes, or you may be inspired to do a whole room! 
    A quick update by changing a few things around and adding a plant makes a big difference.
    I would absolutely LOVE to see before and after photos if you decide to give a any of this a go, please let me know!

    Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end - Robin Sharma
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