• How #Girlboss Made Me Do It

    If you follow @walteralicestore on Instagram, you may have noticed me hash tagging #Girlboss every chance I get, or you may have seen it flying around social media, Or this # could be totally new to you!

    #Girlboss is a "Can't put down" book by Sophia Amoruso.  
    This freaking AWESOME read has been a major inspiration with the building of Walter Alice Store. 
    What's also cool is the fact that my boss - borrowed it from her boss - and lent it to me before I became my own boss... Ahhhh boss overload!... Little did I know that my ass was about to be kicked!
    (One of my very first Walter Alice Instagram pics!)
    It's not only the story of how Sophia Amoruso went from selling stolen items on ebay; to building a huge vintage following on myspace;  then on to becoming the founder and CEO of the multi million dollar clothing label Nasty Gal;  It's also, (and I hate to say it) a kind of self help book for the unconventional entrepreneur, absolutely full of invaluable insights that spoke directly to my heart!  
    (I actually hate the word entrepreneur... blame the 80's for that)...  

    If this had have been shown to me as a self help book, I honestly wouldn't have read it ... I also wouldn't have bought the book from reading the blurb on the back.  Its definitely the kind of book that needs to be recommended to you.
    AND it came at EXACTLY the right time in my thought processes and it really honestly did make me "just start" to do what I love most.

    (left: One of my first ever DIY photoshoots, Right: my first ever flat lay!)
    Sophia writes "the straight and narrow is not the only path to success" and "Shitty Jobs Saved My Life"... that is so cool and refreshing to me as I've trained in travel, worked in travel, worked in shitty supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, and Zoo ice cream parlours, I have gardened, cleaned houses/bach's, child-minded, worked in a Tourist Centre, retail fashion, co-owned a baby equipment hire company and worked from stockroom girl to Customer Service/Office Manager for a natural skincare company.  Fifteen out of my twenty two working years have also been worked around having two beautiful boys.   I believe that all this changing about has given me an invaluable set of skills;  Or what Sophia says the older generation would call "character building".  
    (A bit of accounting, marketing or website design would have come in handy right now - but hey, I'm still doing it and will always be learning!)

    I, like Sophia "really respect people who are willing to just roll up their sleeves and get the job done, even if its a shitty one"... I will never forget the girls that stayed late one night in the stockroom (at my last job) and helped me pack 150 gift packs when it was well below their job status to do so... those girls are still owning it and are in my eyes true #Girlbosses.
    Nasty Galaxy
    As a teen she says she was "angst on wheels", that was so me on the inside and I couldn't wait to get moving in life.
    While I am always nice to everyone (I think), I do have an inner badass #Girlboss that could be flicking you the bird right now....and I do believe that because I have started this business with all the "character building", at the age I was when I started (39)...(and with the help of a memorable course on assertiveness), I am actually getting way more comfortable with making better choices with what to give a shit about. 
    Also taken from Sophia's Instagram.
    I could actually write my own book about #Girlboss, I haven't even scratched the surface here, I won't do that to you!  BUT holy crap I bet you can imagine my excitement at the promise of a new book! 
    Yes of course I pre-ordered Sophia's next book Nasty Galaxy as soon as I was able to... and this email from the Book Depository made me let out a small squeal...


    I actually cant wait to get it, and I will be stalking the postman every day from now on..., this kind of inspiration that totally feeds your creativity is actually extremely hard to find.
    “Create your own job. Become the master of what you do. Fully immerse yourself in your culture. Be humble. You are never above having to pack boxes.   And always be polite. Good old-fashioned manners can get you very far". (Jenne Lomardo) -Sophia Amoruso, #GIRLBOSS

    Wellington NZ

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    • Corinne says...

      Inspiring blog. Will have to track down that book and read it also. Keep up the good work Girlboss.

      October 02, 2016

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