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    I have found something that is pretty dam invaluable to women working from home... it’s called SUPPORT...and it has come in a totally unexpected form!
    (There are women out there who have your back - Image from Nasty Galaxy Book)

    It all started out as a free Facebook Group called “Mumpreneurs” – cringe at the name all you like, it’s actually not what you think!  It is a group of amazing women all in business trying to work around the demands of family life.  

    Rachel Lewis, the founder is so so passionate about helping other women in business that she has taken this group to the next level…
    The Womens Entrepeneur Network  is now a paid membership site.  It’s incredibly resourceful and it has evolved into something pretty bloody awesome for all women in small businesses.

    Ok so the word’s “Entrepreneur”, “Network” and especially “Mumpreneur” may conjure up all sorts of stereotypes… But seriously let it go… its nothing like that.  It’s just a wonderful group of incredibly talented and supportive women, from Fashion bloggers to Graphic Designers, Lawyers to Accountants, Yogis to Makeup Artists, we are all so different yet in the same boat, wanting to succeed in business, helping each other out - and it’s so freaking cool!

    I feel like I have a workplace full of experts all around me - and I work alone! 
    There are some pretty amazing kick ass groups out there, full of women supporting women.
    http://motivateme.nz/ founded by the inspiring Makaia Carr, was actually the first group of this type I came across, this is full of thousands of absolutely normal women on health and wellbeing missions, amazing friendships have formed and lives are changing...

    Why women only?  Well yes women do things differently, it’s not a sexist thing and its not a feminist thing – or is it?  I’m not saying I would rule out a mixed group like this – or would I?  

    I actually have never seen myself as a "Girl Power!!" kind of girl, even though I hashtag Girlboss all the time… and I would never ever have called myself a feminist!  - OMG!!
    But a good friend recently made me change my view with what she said...
    "I actually think 'feminism' has become the f-word and people are too scared to use it to describe themselves as there has been a constant drip-drip-drip that it is militant and anti-men. It's not. at. all. Like all things there are many different shades"...

    She also said... "I think it has been the media's portrayal of feminists for years and years as feminist=militant.  It's really sad as it means whole generations of women are uncomfortable associating themselves with the word.
    It's coincided with the increased 'porno-fication' of women depicted in the media (tits out, displaying themselves as an object).   It's actually genius, claiming it's "girl-power" (it's not, that was created by a man to sell more records) as anyone who says anything against it can be labelled as a militant feminist, (burn the witch, burn the witch!!)"
    Anyway this blog post could have ended up somewhere else, and it did many times before being published – haha… I think I’ll just finish this here…

    Back to what I was talking about earlier - if you need support, with anything.  It’s out there… there are like minds, there are awesome people willing to share their expertise with you… you never know you could also teach them a thing or two yourself!

     What is a #Girlboss?  A Girlboss is someone in control of her own narrative, who makes the impossible possible and who pays it forward to other women every chance she gets. - Audrey Gelman - Nasty Galaxy by Sophia Amoruso

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