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    What, wait, where is the time going?
    Where did January go!  I am one of those people who think there are never enough hours in the day and plan to get up with the birds but never quite make it.  I also plan to go to bed hours earlier than I do, but that never happens either!   Lets not even talk about time to exercise who has time for that!  If I go for a walk my mind is telling me to go back as there is sanding to be done.  I know I know I've heard it all before "I must make time", well I don't want to... thanks anyway... I am more of a Sunday stroller than a weekday walker. (past the shops on the way to the Cafe).
    Photo Cred: Les Anderson
    Colour Inspirations
    Right now in my ever changing office space I have two lush velvet chairs, one is Emerald green Art Deco style (this one is my own), and the other is a bright yellow mid century rocking chair (sold - awaiting pickup)
    green velvet chair, yellow velvet chair
    Everytime I walk into or even past the room I am hit with the colour of these pieces of furniture I have reworked and my  mind wanders off to the far far reaching places of possibility.  They are not deliberately put together as this is a temporary holding space but I think they look so incredibly beautiful side by side.
    Just in case you haven't seen enough of the Rocking chair I recently completed on social media yet, (yeah right) here it is again...  I just loved this restoration!

    Set Style
    You think you have a "certain style" until you start scrolling through pages of "Green Velvet Chairs" on Pinterest, then all of a sudden your mind is opened up to other imaginations and huge injections of inspiration.
    Below are two rooms I came across out of hundreds, and while sunlight is an absolute priority for me in a home, I couldn't help but be mesmerised by the dark hues in the first living room.  Maybe it is the very small detail of a bright yellow coffee table that just says "sunny" that makes it appealing to me.  isn't it completely amazing how the mind works...
    This light and airy room below however is definitely more "my style"; Vintage mixed with Mid Century and new.
    Photo Cred: The Spruce
    Current Project
    I always love to visualise a piece of furniture in a room before I choose the fabric... I am restoring a big beautiful Queen Anne sofa at the moment, this is my inspiration for it here:  Mustard Velvet... eeeek!  Its going to be so lush, with green cushions! 
    You can see just by looking at the green and yellow together above, I have been totally inspired to recreate the colours in a different way.  My own sofa at home is a lush green velvet with deep mustard cushions, so I am reversing this look in the current restoration. 
    I love this process, it feeds my soul!
    Left: Current WIP, Right: One corner of My living room
    To follow the progress of this restoration, make sure you are following on Instagram or Facebook (Instagram is better though!)
    Here's a couple of links to show you what can happen when you simply type Velvet furniture living room or Retro Living Room into Pinterest, the possibilities truly are endless...
    For more inspiration I was going to show you a couple of my favourite Instagram Accounts, but it was too hard!  so here is this months absolute stand out... (mustard velvet!!) and look at all her Tretchikoff prints!  
    Oh ok here are just a couple of others - seriously check them out:
    Craftykin_ and her gorgeous craftykin_shop,
    unearthedvintageandretro (a fave on Cuba St Welly),
    the very styley Mr Cigar 
    and just look at the hastag #jungalow its freaking awesome
    oh and one more!  No Brand New  and the hashtag #recyclerestyle
    Blog posts and emails will be few and far between as I get in more workshop time, so Instagram really is the best place to follow me...

    Right, first Coffee...
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