• Faux Punk Nostalgia And A New Spring Lookbook!

    Faux Punk Nostalgia
    This amazing Vivienne Westwood skirt that has come through our doors has really provoked some kick ass nostalgia with me...  And I thought this was a timely blog post given that London is celebrating 40 year of punk.

    (Georgia modelling the Vivienne Westwood Skirt for our new lookbook.
    Available at www.walteralice.com very soon)

         As a small girl I had been known to go nuts every time a Blondie song came on; I was a huge fan!  It was an absolutely natural progression from Debbie Harry (Blondie) to Wendy James (Transvision Vamp)…And then to my all-time fave style crush Gwen Stefani (No doubt).

    I hadn’t noticed until now but there’s a definite theme here - blonde and badass, with a hint of Faux Punk!

    Debbie Harry (Blondie), Wendy James (Transvision Vamp), Gwen Stefani (No Doubt)

    As a teenager my very first cassette tape (yes I was a 90's teen) I bought was Transvision Vamp - and I still have it!
    My first ever cassette tape!

    Real punk, (music and fashion) was way too hard core for me, but I so loved Faux Punk style, or Pop Punk...  
    I never dressed fully like this myself, but I did, and still do, like a good arm party (lots of bracelets) and a bit of plaid/band t shirt/ripped denim showing here or there. 
    There has always been a bit of a tom boy element in what I wear, from surf t shirts and ripped jeans as a teen to now.  I'm still most comfortable in jeans paired with a glimpse of spots, stripes or floral.  And there has to be something else toning down the girliness… like a jersey, denim shirt or a pair of chunky Chelsea boots...  I just can’t do pretty!
    I always wished I had the guts to dress like these girls do…
    I guess I am more of an Art lover than an Artist.
    Even though I have my very own pre-loved clothing store I am most definitely not a "fashionista", and I will never claim to be one.  I don't follow trends and I love a good quality secondhand find!  
         There is actually still a pair of preloved tartan 3/4 pants that I call my "Gwen Stefanis" in my wardrobe, chain loop and all…  not for sale!
    There have also been numerous navy spotty dresses over the years...
    I think I will always be on the hunt for that perfect Navy dress from No Doubts Don’t Speak Video!  
    Left: The famous Navy Spotty Dress, Right: Me – Never nailing it.

    Our New LookBook!
    So this is a little bit exciting!  We had such a fun photoshoot last week at a close friends very cool 70's style house; (we could have been there all week and didn't even get to the pink tiled bathroom, or brown and mustard velvet wallpaper!!)... We really appreciated having such a cool spot for the shoot - THANK YOU!!  xx
    Also thanks to the gorgeous Georgia for modelling and to the other Georgia (@makeupbygeorgie) for great hair, makeup and Photography!
    Click on one of the photo's below to see the new Spring lookbook with some of the items that will be available for sale over the next few months...
    Quite heavily influenced by the  90's... Georgia is in fact wearing my actual original Levi 501's here, yup they are so close to being Vintage, (or are they already!)

    As every item that comes through Walter Alice is a one off, our lookbook is more to add interest and to show some key looks that we will have available...Rather than a catalog of a range.
    Please leave a comment below or tell us on facebook if you love it!

    Walter Alice HQ Update 
    The Wellington Underground Market day has come and gone, and it was a very wet and wild Saturday in Wellington, in fact my surrounding stall holders says it was the worst day of trade they have had for a very long time - so yay me for picking that weekend!  
    It was still very cool playing shop;  I really loved the face to face interaction with the awesome customers that came through… I just don't get that with an online store.
    Will I do it again? Probably not.

    We have had so many disruptions this month at Walter Alice HQ with renovations going on in our photography area so we are a bit behind in getting items uploaded to the website…

    But!   We do have the following awesome brands and so so much more coming very soon!...
    Augustine, Country Road, Converse, New London, Witchery, Zara, Camilla And Marc, Maison Scotch, Moochi, Jefferey Campbell, Prada, Red Herring, and of course that Vivienne Westwood skirt!!

    We ALSO have a brand new second Instagram account!... This is where extra special items will be posted before being listed on the website, or given first option at the sale price before being discounted on  the website... Take a look here:  @shopwalteralice 

    Thank you for reading my longest blog post yet!

    In Italy they take cheap cloth and make it look expensive, but I take expensive cloth and make it look cheap.  They just don't understand.  -  Vivienne Westwood

    Preloved & New clothing, Accessories & Selected Vintage...
    Online Second hand Consignment Store, Wellington NZ

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    • Dad says...

      Well done love

      September 02, 2016

    • Jenny says...

      Absolutely awesome dear your a very talented lady.

      September 02, 2016

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