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    Its been a crazy but fun month here at HQ and I have been weighing up some potentially exciting options for Walter Alice!   Move into a retail space?  Or stay online? 
    An opportunity to lease a small local shop came up a few months ago;  Oh how I wanted that little shop - I really did... I could just see it!  

    But, after a lot of umming and ahhing, number crunching and thinking, I have to trust my inner senses...  My gut is telling me "Not yet - but it's not a no!" ...
    (in other words "I still can't make my bloody mind up" - but that's ok - it's my mind)...

    #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso (My Hero) - This book made me realise I didn't have to have a degree in dream following, I just needed to do it - or to at least make a start!

    Totally Inspired...
    This time last year I was in the UK and Paris, happily taking pictures of shops that inspired me... It's funny how these photos have now become part of the Walter Alice story.  
    As well as being inspirational, screen savers and pictures on the backs of my order thank you cards... they also made @Walteralicestore Instagram this time last year look pretty dam cool.
    In London I fell in love with the shops in Brick Lane, Shoreditch... I was so blown away by vintage store after vintage store... they were more than just shops though, they were peoples dreams that had become realities;  Right down to the smallest changing room detail, someone had planned this...
    It was such perfect timing for me and I came home with enough inspiration to last a lifetime...

    Bricklane, Shoreditch, London)

    This beautiful little shop in Montemartre, Paris (below) was warm, inviting and so freaking gorgeous!  I asked the owner if she minded if I took some photos... (this was before we asked if her accent was from Australia - um, no it wasn't -  epic fail!).  
    I am so happy I took these as every time I look at this photo, (its my screensaver), I remember the feeling... it was an overwhelming sense of  "I have to do this"... I "can" do this...

    (Montmarte, Paris)
    I took photos inside too, not of the best areas of the shop but just of a few little things, I hadn't seen before - like an upturned vintage bed as a clothing rack or old door handles as hooks... I was actually researching for my "own store" - and I was in heaven!


    So, yes, I have a dream for Walter Alice, and its a big one! ... will I get there?  I certainly hope so!
    In the meantime...
    To see if I am still any good at retail, and to play shop for a day; I am going to have a stall at the Wellington Underground Markets on the 13th of August! - Eeeeek!

    As it turns out, having a stall at the local market is almost as much work as opening a small shop!  
    Cleaning, steaming, buying racks/extra clothes hangers (that of course all need to be the same!), pricing items, flyer/sign printing, paper bags for purchases... and oh crap I don't have a changing room!   Ahhhh!!

    (just showing off my new coathangers - wooden ones were too bulky) 

    I know I can do this...
    It's called dreaming big, starting small.
    If you are in Wellington City on the 13th, drop in, say hi, and grab a gorgeous bargain...
    Click here for event info:
    Walter Alice Store at The Wellington Underground Markets
    Frank Kitts Park, Wellington Waterfront,  Sat 13th August 2016 10am - 4pm

    "Don't Compare Your Hustle To Their Highlight Reel" - Sophia Amoruso 
    Preloved & New clothing, Accessories & Selected Vintage...
    Online Second hand Consignment Store, Wellington NZ
    Brands on the website this month include:  Karen Walker, Deryn Schmidt, 2 Baia Vista, Saba, Coop, Country Road, Trenery, Witchery, Decjuba, Elwood, Fallon Hope, Max, Kate Sylvester, Kathryn Wilson, LTB, Mi Piaci, One Teaspoon, Ricochet, Scanlan & Theodore, Storm, Ted Baker, Workshop and Zara, just to name a few!
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