• A Trip Down Memory (Brick) Lane And NEW ARRIVALS From LONDON!!

    My original dream of pure Vintage for Walter Alice Store is now starting to become a reality and I am heading back down Memory Lane (or the memory of Brick Lane - Shoreditch, London!).  

    (Bricklane, Shoreditch, London - Dream Big, Start Small Blog Post)

    If you have been following the Walter Alice journey from the start, no doubt you have heard all about my 3 hours in Shoreditch in August 2015!  It  was here that I found so much inspiration that has now lead to me sourcing Vintage clothing directly from the UK!!!

    Those three hours almost didn't happen.  
    I was supposed to be going to my little sisters Wedding Dress fitting.  I was driving everyone nuts, exhaustion, the heat, swelly ankles, medication for flight anxiety etc etc, it was all kicking in and I wasn't at my best.  We were on the train and my sister said - "How about you get off the train here", (in Shoreditch), "I think you will really like it".   So in a bad sister moment, when I should have been at that dress fitting, I got off that train.  (love ya sis)...

    (Brick Lane, Shoreditch, London)
    It took me a while for it all to sink in, I was in London walking the streets by myself!!  I couldn't believe it, it was pretty surreal.  A big deep breath, a quick coffee and a long browse at Blitz, (Only the biggest Vintage store in London) and I was off...
    I went from store to store to store to store, upstairs, downstairs and down every little side street, there were Vintage Stores EVERYWHERE, my feet were killing me but it was so so freaking amazing!!!!  
    Inspiration was at its peak... I was daydreaming my way around that place... Even the street art was extremely cool...

    So thanks to my gorgeous sister for those 3 hours in Shoreditch that totally inspired all the feels for Walter Alice Store, I am now so excited to be able to bring you the most Amazing Vintage Dresses all the way from London!  I am starting off with just dresses this week and we will go from there... if you like what you see and keep buying, I will keep sourcing!

    Click the photo of the gorgeous Georgia below to see a lookbook made up from some of the small collection I am beginning with, this collection will (hopefully but surely) increase with time...

    Moving On...
    As I am heading along the Vintage only road I will no longer be selling preloved clothing on consignment, it was such a great way to start my little business.  I would love to thank everyone who gave me their clothes to sell, you all contributed to my humble beginnings and I have learnt so so much in the last year.

    Heading to London?
    If you go to London there are 3 main stores you can't go past in Shoreditch...
    Or just go to Bricklane and visit them all!

    People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed; never throw out anyone. - Audrey Hepburn

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    • Fiona says...

      Glad I could be of assistance sis! I knew you would love it and I am glad it inspired you, so happy x
      So… when are you coming back. :-)

      February 02, 2017

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A Trip Down Memory (Brick) Lane And NEW ARRIVALS From LONDON!! | Walter Alice Store ...