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    Welcome to the second edition of the three part Blog series on the 90's...

    Click through if you missed the first post in this three part series here... " 90's Part One - The Playlist"
    I just happened to walk past a shop the other day (one that I only go into to look for clothes for my, ahem, teenage boy) and saw replica's of the exact same long sleeved T-Shirts I used to wear every day circa 1995-96ish!
    Yes it went against my ethos on fast fashion, and I went in and bought it anyway (for me; not the teen!)...

    90's long sleeved t shirt     90's t shirt
    Left: New T-Shirt, Right: An actual T Shirt of mine from the 90's I still own!

    My first thought was, ‘Man I am getting old to see a fashion piece come back around for a second time’. But then I was kind of proud. We must have done something right in the 90's if people still want to wear the items today!
    My best friend in High School sent me this photo over the weekend... Yes its me as a lean limbed 15 year old - wearing that T-Shirt, attitude and all...
    As you know, the 90's are a huge inspiration for the items I like to stock at Walter Alice. So, if you are after a nostalgic piece, head on over to the shop  to check out the selection.  Stock does change all the time.

    90's Fashion - The Clothes
    Brace yourself, we are about to dive into all things 90's fashion.

    The 90's trends I loved, but never had…
    For me, this wasn’t a case of #FOMO*, it was more like #MO*
    *#FOMO - Fear Of Missing Out, *#MO - Missed Out
    Xtasy Sweatshirts: Remember these? Xtasy took fluoro to a whole new level!

    Xtasy sweatshirt Xtasy sweatshirt Xtasy sweatshirt
    Pic cred: Kathy B, and Kathy's cool Mum
    Bubblegum Jeans: Teeny, tiny jeans that stretched to full size in all the right places – or all the wrong places, depending on how you look at it!
    Doc Martens: They went with everything, and kept your feet warm when paired with a floral mini-dress.
    Denim Jackets: Casual-wear, dress-wear, the humble denim jacket did it all, and its been a wardrobe staple ever since!
    T & C Surf: Casual cool, revolutionising the long-sleeved tee.
      Oversized denim jacket   
    90's trends I loved and did have…
    Bodysuits: They made you feel like a gymnast, but cooler as you could wear jeans over the top of them!  Remember them having cut out shoulders too!  
    Floral Button Down Maxi Skirts: Not complete without a crop top.
    Oversized men's surf T-Shirts:  Just not T & C!
    90's bodysuit 90's outfit 90's floral skirt
    Left: Yep KJ that's the one...
    Middle: Another outfit I have managed to keep from the 90's for no good reason.
    Right: Random pic from pinterest
    I'm not sure where to stop here but I just want to add in Peace signs, Anarchy Signs, Yin and Yang signs on earrings, chokers, badges, on jackets, bags, pencil cases - if you didn't have the real thing you drew it on - with Vivid!
    A 90's trend I loved, but just couldn’t pull off…
    Grunge! That effortless look of not caring, that actually took a whole lot of effort to pull off.
    90's grunge
    Courtney Love = Hot Mess
    The Hair
    The 90's developed so many iconic hairstyles. I am just going to casually leave two words here and you will know what I mean… The Rachel.
    But apart from that, there were a heap of other styles. Some well-loved, some best forgotten (like the butterfly clip, twisted cornrow situation).
    The pixie cut, the front layers, mini buns (take your pick from just 2, or 10 dotted all over your head), just the front pulled back, the middle parting, and the I’m-going-to-put-all-of-my-hair-up-apart-from-these-two-little-strands-around-my-face look.
    Not to mention messy pigtails, feathered Full House Bangs (picture DJ), buns with all kinds of spiky bits poking out, and crimping – I saved the best for last!
    DJ Tanner Jennifer Anniston Wynona Ryder Gwen Stefani 
    TV Fashion
    All the icons! My heart is a-flutter now just thinking about Johnny and Winona, Courtney and Kurt, Brad and Gwyneth with their twinning hairstyles and effortlessly oozing cool.
    We welcomed "Friends" into our living room as friends of our own. All the while copying their hairstyles and fashion choices. Not to mention the gang from Beverly Hills 90210, Dawsons Creek and Jared and Clare from My So Called Life (did we have that here in NZ? I can’t remember, but I wish we did).
    TV Shows we did not take our fashion advice from were Baywatch (blurgh!) and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air – but we did know the Fresh Prince rap off by heart... 
    90s Fashion Icons
    Don’t panic, Britney isn’t going to get a mention here, but so many others are.
    Drew Barrymore, Winona Ryder, Gwen Stefani, Lisa Bonet, Courtney Love (before she fell of the rails, and maybe a teeny bit after), Clare Danes, Liv Tyler, Shirly Manson and Neve Campbell epitomised 90s style for me.
    We couldn’t make a list of 90's icons on a fashion site without mentioning the “Supers”. A decade of beautiful women, who we could almost imagine being if we ate really good and only took the stairs. Naomi, Kate, Claudia, Linda, Christy, Cindy and Elle, we loved you!
    The Supers
    I am so loving seeing people rocking 90's fashion again. You don’t have to have lived it to love it (but you did need to live it to understand the awesomeness contained in this blog post!)
    Later's!  At least until next time when we cover 90's Movies, get ready for a Netflix binge!

    Written with the help of the wonderful Gemma Knight
    "Being in a band you can wear whatever you want — it's like an excuse for Halloween everyday" - Gwen Stefani

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