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    Here is the third and final post in my 90's blog series, and today it is all about the movies.
    If you missed the first two parts, you can read them here:

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    Movies are my favourite thing in the world!  I am known for going with a friend who chooses the movie and I have no idea what I am about to see.  I live for movies... I know this is a long blog post, but there is a fun quiz at the end... So grab a coffee and sink in...

    The 90’s was THE BEST decade for movies hands down, the action, the stories, the soundtracks, the costumes, and not to mention the heart throbs. Be still my teenage aching heart!


    There is absolutely no way that I can do justice to a decade’s worth of awesome movies in just one blog post, but I will like totally go for it (channelling my inner Clueless characters there).  And... Warning!  I know I will be missing a million and one of your faves, it was hard enough to narrow down as it was, I know even once this is published I will kick myself for an epic movie I totally missed!  What's even more annoying is half of these aren't on Netflix, hope you still have that Video Store membership handy... 
    The 90's really did start with a bang by producing a year’s worth of amazing movies:


    Edward Scissorhands: Johnny Depp was a little less dreamboat-y in this film, but we loved his cute connection with Winona Ryder.
    Mermaids: An absolute fave - another Winona classic!
    Pretty Woman: Because who doesn’t want to give a snooty woman in a fancy shop her just desserts, oh and flicking a snail across a restaurant is always a good time. Never before have we identified so much with a working girl!
    Ghost: True love knows no boundaries, even in a particularly creepy-if-you-think-too-hard-about-it scene with Whoopi Goldberg.
    Misery: Haven’t we all wanted to save our favourite book character, maybe not in such a violent way… 
    Gremlins 2: Why didn’t we learn that we shouldn’t feed them after midnight?
    Flatliners: So intense, so many breath holding moments!  And well, who doesn’t wonder what happens after death?
    The Grifters: Normal jobs are boring anyways!  Who else loved John Cusack?  Or was it just me.


    Silence of the Lambs: It was hard to tear your eyes away from the compelling Hannibal Lector, I hated every minute!  And then we were really careful about how we told people we had guests coming for dinner.
    Point Break: Hearthrob overload with Keanu, Swayze (um not my cup of tea - but), and Anthony Kiedis in one movie, oh the action, and the SURF!
    My Own Private Idaho: This time Keanu is joined by River Phoenix for on-screen eye candy in a complicated road trip full of angst and drama, and the forbidden love…
    Thelma And Louise:  I know!!  #Classic


    Reservoir Dogs: Confession… I still haven’t been able to watch past the first scene...
    Wayne’s World: I never want to headbang in my car every time I hear Bohemian Rhapsody, as much as I loved Wayne's World, I will never love Queen.
    Singles: Grunge never looked so cool. Didn’t you want to live in that building too?  RIP Chris Cornell.


    Dazed and Confused: Finishing school never looked so cool. Then we had to deal with the disappointment that graduation wasn’t like that in reality!
    Groundhog Day: The hilarity of Bill Murray, the classiness of Andy MacDowell. I was willing to relive a day over and over if it had that end result.
    True Romance: Alright, not just True Romance, but anything Christian Slater!

    Hands down, officially the best movie year of the 90s!!

    Pulp Fiction: So much swearing, so much violence, so much hilarity, so much offensiveness… so much movie goodness!
    Heavenly Creatures: Our hearts swelled to see little ol’ New Zealand on the big movie stage.
    Reality Bites: Winona and the gang struggled as much as we did to learn how to be grown ups.
    Natural Born Killers: It almost looked quite cool to be a criminal…
    Forrest Gump: We laughed, we cried, and we grew even fonder of boxes of chocolates.
    The Professional: Gosh Natalie Portman was so kickass before she became a swan!
    Shawshank Redemption: There is a reason you stop and watch this movie every time channel 2 reruns it, even with the ads.
    Speed: Keanu again, being a hero as always. Damn that guy has it all!


    Empire Records: Cool music, angsty youths, crop top jumpers and checkered mini-skirts, what more could you need from a movie?
    Clueless: One word… whatever!
    Se7en: Brad Pitt chasing a bad guy, what a hero <3
    Toy Story: When we realised animated movies weren’t just for kids any more.
    Apollo 13: Oh Em Gee, will they make it back home?!
    Hackers: Oh, the awesome technology showcased here!


    Trainspotting: No lovely locks in sight for Ewan McGregor here, but plenty of dark plotlines, gritty scenes and suspense.  And that soundtrack!!... Just saying...
    Romeo+Juliet: This was where every teenage girl fell in love with Leonardo and finally Shakespeare was presented in a cool way to us wayward youths.
    Dusk Till Dawn: One hell of a night alright, Tarantino at his best.
    Scream: That mask is now part of Halloween for the rest of time.


    Chasing Amy: Humour, geekiness, dreamy Ben Affleck, Jay and Silent Bob, confusion over sexual orientation, we couldn’t tear our eyes away.
    Grosse Pointe Blank: You know that moment, when you realise you aren’t sure you want to be a hitman anymore because of a girl… who hasn’t been there?  Oh and whatever happend to Minnie Driver?
    Addicted to Love: Girl leaves boy, boy stalks girl, boy meets new boyfriends girlfriend and they plot to break up the other couple... so predictable, but Meg and Mathew!!
    Titanic: I know this one is more obvious but I couldn't make a list about 90's movies and not include the one about the giant ship that sunk the box office, and who didn't secretly love it!


    Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas: Possibly the trippiest movie of all time which leaves you asking yourself what just happened?  Anything with Benicio Del Toro and Johnny Depp in is going to get gritty.
    Very Bad Things: Don’t you hate it when you kill just one guy, and then have to go on a killing spree to cover everything up?! Kind of like a serial killer version of The Hangover.  And as I said earlier, Christian Slater.
    Wild Things: Kevin Bacon, Denise Richards, Neve Campbell and Matt Dillion try to make a movie, steamy and serious, but Matt Dillon is in it so...  
    Sliding Doors: Every moment from that movie on makes you wonder what could have been, if you had have just turned left.

    The very last year of the 90's did not disappoint with some major blockbusters and run-away hits.


    Cruel Intentions: Tragic and dark, promiscuous and seductive. 
    The Matrix:
    Keanu is back… in black.
    Fight Club: You know the rule.  this has to be one of the best movies of all time.
    Being John Malkovich: Somehow this really weird plotline just works.
    American Beauty: Such a great cast, such a great movie, albeit a bit cringy in parts.
    The Blair Witch Project: Yeah Nah never seen it.
    The Cider House Rules: All the feels of life in an orphanage.

    So there you have it, 90s movies recapped by Walter Alice Store. I bet you have a few on your list you are going to re-watch now, or maybe even test out for the first time.
    Yes - I know I've missed heaps, I've just picked a few stand outs to share, otherwise we would be here for days!

    Here's something fun!  A quiz! I got 100% (Of course I did), how did you do?  Share in the comments below!

    Women.com 90's Movies Quiz
    90s movie quiz

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    Written with the help of the wonderful Gemma Knight

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