• Purple, Maroon, Burgundy, Crimson, Scarlett... You Need To Know The Difference.

    Or do you?...  Does it really matter?

    What IS the difference between Burgundy and Maroon?  

    Well, it turns out they are actually quite different... And WHY have I never googled this?  
    It could be that I am needing to be more informative with my product descriptions and that's why this is coming up now.  And yes this
     may be obvious to some of you but for me its something I have never really known, just guessed... all my life! 

    Well for those like me - here you go, this is the difference... The hat on the left is Maroon and the hat on the right is Burgundy... Got it?  (Glad someone has)!

    (Pics thanks to google images)

    Here's some fun facts... Burgundy has purple undertones and is named after the region of a French wine of this colour -yum!  Maroon is brown undertones and gets its name from the word Marron which is french for chestnut.  

    So beetroot goes in burgers, so if it looks like beetroot then its burgundy (My way of remembering)!  I prefer the colour of Burgundy too... and I love burgers, and wine!   Easy!

    Everyone can wear both colours but depending on your skin tone and the intensity of the colour one over the other can really make a difference to how you look.   Yellow skin tones are better suited to Maroon and pink skin tones are more suited to burgundy.

    We have this cute stripey dress available on the website right now, for only 15.00!!...
    I am pretty sure it is Burgundy!  Am I right?

    Now what is the difference between Scarlett and Crimson - yikes!   Google didn't seem to know either...  And what on earth is that colour that looks like Turquoise but is darker - what is that??

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