• Oh!! There's A Bloody Hole In It!!

    It's the worst thing...when you buy that fab bargain at a charity store, only to bring it home and it has a dirty big hole in it - or worse a stain that is not removable... You just knew it was too good to be true!

    This is one of the reasons Walter Alice Store exists... Disappointment after disappointment and great finds were getting few and far between, only to bring something home to find the reason it was given away in the first place! 

    There are thousands of amazing wardrobes out there, absolutely filled to the brim with gorgeous items that people don't wear but that are too good to be donated to a charity store... who has time to sort it all out to make some cash to buy things you will actually wear?  
    As it turns out I do - I have made it my job to make Walter Alice Store a  fuss free and fault free preloved consignment and shopping experience!

    I absolutely love op shopping, trawling through vintage racks and second hand stores coming across that wee Gem of an item that no one else saw, so I can now do the same with wardrobes!

    The Walter Alice Store point of difference is that when you buy from us you know exactly what you are getting... I personally see to it that every item is cleaned, steamed and quality checked before making it to the website.  If there is a problem with something but it is just too awesome not to sell then I will point it out - it could be a missing button or an easily fixed strap, either way you will definitely know what you are getting!

    So fear not thrift shop lovers, I have done the hard work for you... so go forth and make that purchase, I promise you won't be disappointed!


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    Online Second hand Consignment Store, Wellington NZ

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